National Outreach Programme


• The Trade Division had an outreach session with local traders on 24 September 2020, to promote awareness of the AWSC scheme and understand better the benefits of it. The session also includes the internal and regional procedures of the AWSC as well as make known of the criterias to be a self-certified exporter. Also in attendance were representatives from the Royal Customs and Excise Department.


• There are plans to conduct workshops and seminars (by Ministry of Commerce and General Department of Customs and Excise Cambodia) for relevant agencies and traders, however, the scheduled sessions had to be postponed due to recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rescheduled sessions are being planned. 


• Indonesia conducted a Virtual National Workshop on AWSC on 15 September 2020, attended by 300 exporters across the country, regional issuing offices (IPSKA), and representatives from FTA Centers (Ministry of Trade). Prior to the event, the participants had observed the Regional Workshop organised by the ASEAN Secretariat. The National Workshop was subsequently held to make way for in-depth discussion among Indonesian ATIGA ROO experts, negotiators, and practitioners.   

 • Indonesia conducted The 2nd Virtual National Workshop on AWSC on 24 September 2020, with total of 540 participants from exporters across the country, including 13 Certified Exporters under SCPP1, regional issuing offices (IPSKA), and representatives from FTA Centers (Ministry of Trade). This Workshop aims to share about how readiness to implement certified exporters (ES) in the AWSC scheme, regulations and domestic procedural requirements in Indonesia.


• Lao PDR held a Physical Regional Workshop on AWSC on September 18, 2020, in Savannakhet province (central Laos) with a total of 50 participants, including representatives from relevant government agencies, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Special Economic Zone and Industrial Park and private sector. The regional workshop aims to increase the understanding and discussion of the new ATIGA ROO program by experts, negotiators and practitioners

• Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) continues to disseminate information of AWSC on the Trade Repository Website: 

• MOIC developed the AWSC brochure in the Lao version for internal circulation for relevant government and private sectors.

• MOIC has amended the Self-Certification Pilot Project Guidance Ref. No. 0442/MOIC.DIMEX, 2015 and come up with the AWSC Guidance 2020. The hardcopies of the new regulation will be either translated in English version or circulated to relevant sectors as well as posted on

• There are plans to hold many outreach activities by end of this year in apparel with other workshops and meetings which are held by MOIC.     


• The 1st AWSC briefing session to exporters were conducted on 10 September 2020, where the existing Certified Exporters under SCPP1 were briefed on the implementation and procedures of the new self-certification scheme. The session which was held at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) managed to gather the participation of 118 SCPP1 Certified Exporters. From 118 attended, 106 Certified Exporters who have portrayed exemplary performance under SCPP1 and complied with the AWSC conditions and domestic requirements were re-appointed as Certified Exporters after this briefing. 

• The 2nd AWSC briefing session was held virtually on 15 October 2020, involving the remaining Certified Exporters under SCPP1 who have yet to comply with the conditions and domestic requirements under AWSC prior to the 1st session.  51 Certified Exporters were re-appointed as Certified Exporters under AWSC after this briefing.

• Seminar on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) which includes the implementation of AWSC was also organized by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) on 2 September 2020 and 12 October 2020 respectively which attended by 102 exporters across Malaysia. 

• MITI organizes monthly Pocket-Talk sessions with exporters on benefits of Malaysia's Free Trade Agreements and method for applying for Certificate of Origin which includes the self-certification scheme. The last Pocket-Talk was held on 9 September 2020 where the implementation of AWSC and its conditions were explained to the participants. The scheduled session for October until December 2020 was postponed due to the imposition of the Conditional Movement Control Order by the Government until 4 December 2020.


• Myanmar conducted a Virtual Awareness Program on AWSC on 11th September 2020, with a total of 100 participants, including representatives from the Customs Department and the chamber of commerce and industry. The objective of this awareness program is to have a better understanding of the domestic and regional procedural requirements for the effective implementation of the AWSC Scheme. The contents of the program are HS Classification; ATIGA Rule of Origin and its Operational Certification Procedures; An Overview on Self-certification System; ASEAN-wide Self-certification Scheme and Industrial Product Registration Procedures. 


• Philippines conducted a virtual Outreach Program on the Philippine Implementation of ASEAN-wide Self-Certification Scheme on 28 October 2020. The Outreach Program discussed opportunities in ASEAN and introduced to the ASEAN-wide Self-Certification Scheme. The event was participated by 140 participants from both the government sector and the private sector. 

• Philippines is planning to conduct another session on the AWSC Scheme and Rules of Origin within the year. 


• Singapore Customs conducted an Outreach Session to almost 120 participants on the implementation of ASEAN Wide Self Certification in July 2020. The Outreach Session was aimed to share how the AWSC is expected to work, and the domestic procedural requirements in Singapore.

• There are plans to hold another Outreach Session by the end of this year to encourage more companies to adopt AWSC. 


• Thailand conducted a national workshop on AWSC on 19 August 2020. At the event, 161 exporters attended physically, 244 exporters attended through Facebook Live. Moreover, Thailand will hold another workshop on AWSC in November 2020.

• Thailand already conducted the AWSC Roadshow at two industrial parks on 9 and 16 September 2020, attended by 100 exporters. In addition, Thailand plans to conduct the AWSC Roadshow at the industrial park every three months.

• For the purpose of importation, Thai customs also conducted seminars on 13-14 August 2020 and 14 September 2020, attended by 330 importers and relevant private sectors including 80 customs officers in total. The seminars aimed to introduce the implementation of AWSC and the new ATIGA OCP for comprehensive understanding among practitioners.